• 2011-02-20

    20th,Feb - [小日記.]


    Plz feed my lovely fish if u r here :D

    actually im super tired now, cuz the long time chat with the new, friendly guys tonight.

    well, i miss my dear L, he's ill. sleep well now? see u tomorrow.

    my dirty house, OMG, just keep waitting.

    Ali exchanged the cell phone num with me,funny :D keep in touch.

    i was totally drunk last night. crazy friends.

    but i don't think it's perfect enough, plz give me more music & more fucking people next time!!

    i wanna dance in bom!bom!bom! who wants 2 company with me?

    ok, it's too late for me to take a bath, the ghosts're around me, just a joke.

    hungry hungry hungry.

    see ya.